Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Contest House

Well most of your know that Greenleaf is doing their "Spring Fling Contest" as they do every year. This year though I am trying to enter and get my house done. I have long ways to go
and I only have until Memorial Day! Ekkkkkkkk! LOL
Well I trying to do some bashing and it didn't work so that set me back and then lighting that set me back cause I didn't know what I was doing and still don't. LOL
But I am chugging along and I have done a lot to the outside and only have one side left and then
it is PAINT time yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Making a house is very time consuming...
I have been in miniatures for a longgggggggg time but this is my first build.. So it is NOT going
to look as good as the others but I am giving it a whirl! My friend Tanya is keeping my spirits up
and cheering me along :)

Sooooo next month you will see the pictures hehehe

Now I will just tease you will some of the things I am doing...

Until tomorrow!



  1. Now I am very curious, look forward to see your pictures!
    * marlies

  2. I am also going to try it and I feel your pain on the time crunch! I know that I won't have a chance of winning but thought it would be fun to try! Plus.... practice makes perfect, right??