Monday, April 13, 2009


Recently I made some toys for a toy swap and had a lot of fun learning how to
make them! I have a Santa's toy shop that I hope to get to work on soon I bought
the Aster Cottage for the structure...
But at the moment I am working on the Greenleaf Spring Fling! We only have until Memorial Day.. So time is short plus I am a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee procrastinator but lately I have
been trying to do good and work on it more here and there... My time is limit for some
reason and don't have a lot of time.. I spend a lot of time babysitting my mother's Yorkie who
is a terror! He is a wild man hehehehe
Anyways here are the toys! What do you think??
I made a Bead Toy and Scooter and Checker Boards.. And Etch a Sketch but this one isn't finished and I changed it some...


  1. The toys are great. I notice that you have Julie's twin to help you. She is great isnt she?

  2. The toys are verry good, well done, they will like them!
    * marlies

  3. Thanks yes I forgot to mention her in the blog entry and she is MAD at me..
    Her name is Amy and she loves miniature toys. That is her "thing" at the moment.. Alexis is helping me with the contest house! I will post pictures of her tomorrow!